Northern Star 23
he event was organized in Club
on Sunday, 10 November, by
the Polish School in Brunssum
and the Polish National Delegation
by JFC Brunssum. The Independence
Day Celebration was not only for JFC
Brunssum community but also for
Polish people working in different
NATO units and institutions like NCI
Agency inBrunssumandGeilenkirchen
Air Base. Additional representatives of
Polish civilian community participated
in the celebrations.
The event was opened by the Polish
Senior National Representative, JFC
Brunssum ACOS J6 Colonel Marian
Matoszka. The main attraction of the
afternoon was the patriotic concert
of young artist Piotr Kajetan Matczuk
and the show prepared by the children
studying in the Polish School in
But the weekend wasn’t all about history.
Part of the performance was referring to
the near future.
A group of children gave a pledge to
become students of the first class of
Polish School in Brunssum.
Poland Celebrates Independence Day
Story and photo by Lt Cdr Greg Lyko
Poland celebrated its Independence Day, 11 November. Ninety-five years ago, after
years of being out off the map of Europe, Poland regained sovereignty. The Polish
JFCBS community celebrated this day in a very subtle and poetic way.
I was able to download coursework and
presentations, enabling me to complete
assignments in non-traditional settings .”
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