Northern Star 12
Handing Over Responsibility
to Capable Officers
Story by Captain Art
ras Kazlauskas, Photos by Lithuanian armed forces
Sharing experience is a way of ensuring that, once the mission has been completed,
appropriate knowledge is provided to local officers making them capable of ensuring
security in the native land. Papers is that security interests are assessed globally without
restricting the analysis to defense issues.
Certificates for the last Ghor
police servicemen trained by
ISAF soldiers
On October 18, 2012 troops and
policemen of the Police Advisory Team
PAT) in Ghor Province, Afghanistan,
presented certificates of qualification to
instructors of the local Police Training
Centre – six Afghan police non-
commissioned officers and one officer
at the Afghan National Police (ANP)
Headquarters of Ghor as a result of a
nearly month-long evaluation period.
The number of Ghor police officers
trained by the PAT since the beginning
of the operation, in the autumn of 2010,
now exceeds 700. Today approximately
of police in Ghor Province have
been trained at least in one of the
activities organised by the PAT or similar
units in other provinces. It is also worth
noticing that in 2011 the Lithuanian-
led PAT organized the first Basic
Police Officer Course for junior officers
with the first female police officer of
Ghor province among the graduates.
Formal certification of the officers and
award of the certificates is not only
an excellent opportunity to finish our
mission via a meaningful gesture, but
also a way to sum up and evaluate the
two years spent on service in Ghor by
the PAT instructors,” said Major Darius
This was the last course the PAT will
deliver to the Afghan National Police
ANP) before the closure of its mission.
During two years in Afghanistan the
Police Advisory Team’s military and
police personnel have also assisted the
ANP in establishing a Police Training
Centre, arranged qualification courses
and training events for the provincial
police, and have been providing
consultations regarding their daily work.
Lithuanian and US military also worked
as mediators in the development of
logistics andpersonnel-relatedprojects,
attended collective operations and
conducted joint patrols. At the Police
Training Centre 11 Basic Patrol Courses
and 3 Sergeant Courses have been held.
In addition, airfield security specialists,
bodyguards of the provincial Governor
and other authorities have undergone
training in first aid. Provincial Response
Company officers have undertaken a
wide range of refresher courses.
The trainers are ready to train
their own troops
In the middle of November 2012
the final PAT rotation ended and the
responsibility for training was handed
over to local police officers of the Afghan
National Police. Afghan policemen who
have already been trained by the PAT
will now organize courses and train their